Heart Gift 15: Life as a dance

This morning I woke up early, got into a Santa morph suit with Christmas lights and went to a morning rave called Daybreaker to dance for two hours. Aside from being fantastic exercise, dancing, I feel, is a lesson on living in the present. To dance to the rhythm of the music we need to suspend our thoughts and simply move our bodies to the music. Dancing is not intellectual. It is about feeling the music and responding. One can’t anticipate how to dance or have expectations on what to dance. We just need to be present and move. There is a lesson in surrendering here. There is a lesson in being in flow here. There is a lesson in non-attachment here. Dancing is about responding to the present moment. Trusting that you and the moment are going to co-create something beautiful.

I love to dance. With other people and myself. My Heart Gift today is to suggest the next time you find yourself frustrated in some situation in life, ask yourself how can I dance with this moment.

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