Heart Gift 6: Childs play

My Heart Gift today is sharing the joy I receive from being childlike with my wife, Lea. I can’t express in words the unimaginable delight and anticipation I feel for the arrival of our daughter. Every day I sing to Lea’s tummy and listen for her response. Sometimes she will kick back in response to my love calls. There is no greater gift of the heart for me than Lea as the mother of our child. From the moment we fell in love 6 years ago I knew our lives would be inseparably intertwined and playful. I am deeply humbled by the experience of expectant fatherhood with my Queen by my side.

I have butterflies in my belly at the thought of giggling uncontrollably at the silly things the three of us will do together. I know our daughter will be a teacher for us to remember not to take ourselves too seriously and learn to view the world through the eyes of a child.

Lea and I had our first California date in Esalen Institute, we got engaged there and we conceived our daughter there. It was only fitting that we made our announcement from there (with Yoda).

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