Heart Gift 7: On Making Love and Love

My father often spoke of love. He advised me to make sure I went from being in love to loving the whole person before getting married. My Heart Gift today is a beautiful section of my father’s letter on the difference between making love and love:

‘Love. To make love ’tis enough to cast off one’s clothes; but in order to love I have to strip my heart of that dress and pretence, which is called persona, to lay it, lay it bare of all but the crystal of its essence, alongside the loved one. Merely to make love is to take love — and gain nothing; nothing, apart from such brief relief as palls in its repetitive vacuity. But to love is to yearn to give love; to give of the Self, of this heart stripped bare into the vulnerability of its sears and failures — down to the sublimity of its spirit. And upon such exquisite foreplay attain union. Union of two hearts thirsting the divine thirst to give themselves. In their union lose themselves, in union emblazon themselves. And in this orgasm Create each other into life sublime.’

* Heart Gift is a community of people who give from their hearts during the 24 days before Christmas. You can join in at any point and share your favorite quote, letter, joke, prayer, advice, music, art piece, story, song, act of kindness, holiday tradition, self-care, ritual, Grandma’s recipe — anything. We can all help create a more beautiful world when we share gifts from our hearts. Please join the Heart Gift group and share your gifts there also.

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