Corny Boy

Lucian Bane

Remember when he did that acrylic paint pour and ended up covering himself in paint up to his elbows?

Tonight he comes to me, rubbing his hands together a foot before my face to show me the clear sticky substance all over them.

“What in the hell is that?” I wonder in automatic disgust.

“It’s mayonnaise.” He’s moving his hands around, clearly infatuated with the feel of it. “I’m making me a sandwich right, and of course a huge glob of it falls onto the counter.”

He’s annoyed and yet… “So you had to pick it up and play with it?”

“I know,” he admits, seeming aware that it’s not the normal thing to do. “I like the feel of it.”

I stare at him, my brain analyzing why he seems to like playing in various substances with his bare hands and it occurs to me he could possibly have a talent for hand crafted art. Like pottery! I bet he’d love to feel the wet clay take shape under his fingers.

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

His birthday was in June and usually when he wants something, he’ll say, “My birthday’s in only a month…” before stating his bargain.

You would think now that his birthday is past, he’d stop saying it, but he doesn’t. Just the other day, in a desperate attempt to get something he actually said, “My birthday is in a year.” To which I died laughing.

With Big P, it doesn’t ever hurt to try.

I think I will look into a cheap pottery wheel. I think it would go perfect in our life and if we can create things we actually use — all the better.

I have a feeling all of the kids may end up liking it. It’ll be a fun “try” and great experience either way.

Anybody who has experience with this kind of thing, your advice is welcome!

Lucian Bane

Written by

I’m a husband, author, and father figure to my 6 nieces and nephews living with us.

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