Play by downloading the software or go for in-browser gambling?

Nowadays, thanks to digital technology, online casinos grant access directly from the browser or by downloading the gambling software on your desktop. It’s obviously an advantageous manner to gamble, but do players really know the pros and cons of downloading the software and in-browser gambling?

The choice is easy. First of all it depends on the player’s preferences. ZZZ Slots has always offered these two alternatives that both come with advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons

If you choose to play in-browser casino games, simply log-in and gamble directly from the browser. No additional software is required to be installed. Press play and let the games begin! There is however a limit regarding the number of games a player has access to in case you play for free. Still, you have different choices like classic style slots, keno, table games and so on.

Instead, if you want to download the gambling software you’ll have access to the entire ZZZ Slots games catalogue and not to mention the best quality experience you can get.

Everybody has a problem with patience. Here, the disadvantage of downloaded software is the installation process that can take too long. With ZZZ Slots casino, you can go ahead and scratch that off your list of worries, because installation is almost instantaneous!

The in-browser way, on the other hand, uses an Internet connection. The entire game depends on it, so you could consider this a limitation.

Many players don’t like downloading casino brand content on their personal computer so they choose to play In-browser gambling games that don’t use virtual memory and don’t slow down the computer. The software doesn’t take up a lot of space, it’s completely safe to download and install and will come in handy whenever you want to play!

When it comes to financial transactions’ security and overall gaming safety, downloading the software is as safe as it can get, regardless of whether you choose to play online or via the downloaded software.

ZZZ Slots lets you choose!

All in all, it comes down to your very own preferences. ZZZ is using transparent information for players who fear that their privacy is in danger by downloading the software. They are afraid tracking devices will be installed. That is why the two options are available anytime on

Periodically, a new casino game is launched on ZZZ Slots Casino. Different themes, different design, with fun and exciting new rules. However, if you download the ZZZ Slots freeplay you can even customize your own avatar, change themes or tailor your virtual suite.

ZZZ Slots is a partner of Microgaming

Microgaming is known worldwide for their games and software creation. ZZZ Slots is proud to be powered by Microgaming, as they offer players over 500 games to play online.

ZZZ Slots uses encryption technology to ensure safe transactions by using SSL encryptions. Personal data and information are safe, and player satisfaction is guaranteed.

The advantages and disadvantages of downloading the games software and playing In-browser games are few, but the only one who can decide what is best for your safety, comfort and investments is you! We suggest you give both experiences a try and pick your favorite: in browser gaming or download the software? Which one do you choose?

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