How awesome is that moment when you decide to start writting but you don´t know about what.

You look at the screen and the screen look at you. That is it. Nothing coming nothing going.

Should i feel inspirated like so many times before?

Then, you start feeling possitive. You can do it. You have skills and enough imagination to create something.

Why does it go away now?

And after that your creative world just falls down. You think you won´t be able to do anything with your life. Your mind just blow up and your thoughts about how beautiful could be to write something nice, suddenly dissapear.

But at the end, just one thing comes to my mind, so I decided start with something nice. Something that everyone will understand. Something i can handle and i won´t feel stress about thinking how good will be, something makes me feel better always. So I decided start with a smile.

Smile never fail.