Why you should download Buddify

Yes, this is going to be a very positive review.

But soon you will understand why I highly recommend any beginner looking for a mindfulness app to download Buddify.

Disclaimer: I am not getting a single cent for promoting Buddify and they don’t know that I am doing this review.

Why I decided to try Buddify

I have always been into meditation, yoga, and other forms of mindfulness. But I confess that I was not very disciplined about it. I would practice it now and then, usually when my back hurt or I was so stressed that I couldn’t focus any more.

So I started looking for something that could help me to take mindfulness more seriously. And that wouldn’t cost me much. Or force me to leave my place in an awful weather — I guess you have already realised why an app sounded so appealing to me.

After some online research, I came across Headspace and Buddify. Headspace one is also amazing, but its monthly subscription put me off. Not because it was too expensive, but because I wasn’t sure I was ready to commit. I wanted something with no strings attached, so I downloaded Buddify instead.

Copyright: Buddify Media Kit

I was delighted by its practical and cool design

From the first minute when I put my eyes on Buddify, I loved it. Its colourful wheel is engaging without being overwhelming and the app has a great user experience. And it is also very easy to use and playful — a treat, really.

The idea behind the app is to invite mindfulness into each minute of our lives, so the categories are named after daily activities or feelings: Going to Sleep, Walking, Online, Difficult Emotions, and more.

You are able to choose what suits you best at a given moment and pick a guided meditation from the list. In addition, there are options with several lengths of time and narrators (female and male voice-overs) for you to choose from.

Thanks to its sleek design, you will be able to navigate through its more than 80 custom-made meditations smoothly. That is 11 hours of audio tracks at your disposal.

Copyright: Buddify Media Kit

And I was happily surprised by its effectiveness

After finding everything so cool and simple, I started to doubt the app’s effectiveness. It is also very cheap (only €2.49 for a lifetime use), which made me doubt it even more.

But since I have started using it, I can’t get enough. Buddify has been a major factor in the end of my sleepless nights and to a more stress-free work life. It also helps me to recharge between clients and write about a different topic with fresh eyes.

And if you want to take mindfulness seriously, or if you aren’t a complete beginner, there are also solo meditations (without guidance) available. All this in the palm of your hand anytime, anywhere.

So, yes, I can’t stop recommending Buddify. If you are looking for something that can bring mindfulness to your life, then give it a go. I promise you won’t regret.

Have you ever used any app for mindfulness or mediation purposes? Or do you think it is totally nuts? I accept suggestions and thoughts on the comments below.