Why Lucid?


Using Lucid’s transparent marketplace, hospitals, healthcare facilities and leasing companies can sell equipment in an open market where the higher demand naturally increases the value of the sale.

What are the benefits?

  • You understand the true value of the sale throughout the entire process
  • All offers come directly to you, and you choose the offer you like best
  • Lucid manages the deal to a close once an offer is accepted
  • Lucid only takes a pre-agreed-upon commission


All too often, those looking to buy medical equipment don’t have access to either the machine itself or to information critical to understanding the machine. Is the machine damaged? Are the parts used or new? Will the machine be as advertised upon inspection? We understand the difficulties buyers have purchasing equipment and work hard to disclose all machine information and get questions answered with proof. Through our transparent system, we protect the buyer and the seller equally.

When you’re buying medical equipment through Lucid Equipment, you’re essentially dealing directly with the seller.


Brokers and dealers often leverage medical equipment offers in an attempt to collect a better offer. Lucid is built in a way that makes that type of behavior impossible. All offers are automatically and immediately transmitted to the seller.


We take a pre-agreed-upon commission from the sale price, and the entire transaction is transparent and honest. Buyers do not lose deals because of broker greed. If a buyer places a fair offer with fair terms, it is likely the offer will be accepted.