Say hello to our summer-intern: Madeline!

We are very excited to welcome our summer-intern Madeline Zhang to the Lucidtech team for the summer. Madeline is currently studying second year of Engineering Science at University of Toronto. At age 15, she is currently the University of Toronto’s youngest student, and the youngest student in the Faculty’s history. She is originally from China, and was one of China’s top students.

So why would a 15-year-old spend her summer working at a startup you ask?

“I am intrigued by the spirit of entrepreneurship, every great company was once a startup and I think the early stage of a company is really exciting. I also hope to further develop my programming skills during my time in Lucidtech, as well as learn more about the Norwegian startup culture. AI and Machine Learning is transforming pretty much every industry now, and the AI community is also gaining traction in Toronto where I study. For instance, Uber is collaborating with my university on self-driving cars, so I want to learn more about AI.”
— Madeline Zhang

Madeline has already been here a month, and is well underway of developing analytics tools to ease the process of evaluating and monitoring our API. She brings fresh new ideas as well as her great attitude and ambitions, and we are very happy to have her as a part of the team during the summer.

You can read more about Madeline and her impressive background in this story the University of Toronto did on her.