Pregnancy Diary 12/08/18 (26 weeks)

This morning, I was leaden with tiredness. It could have been yesterday’s series of walks that did me in, but I think the most part was due to the night’s excessive eating.

We had foregone the pre-booked meal out for the luxuries afforded by the gigantic cottage we were staying in. Jack and I had baked various goodies, like brownies, cheesecake and samosa pie, while Yemi and Nicky had spent the morning cooking fragrant veggie things; all of these foodstuffs were supposed to travel on a picnic with us, but said picnic never quite happened and so it was decided that we should gorge ourselves in the cottage, rather than the restaurant.

A feast of grand proportions was laid out in the dining hall and it was resplendant. We ate until we could eat no more and then rolled ourselves down the corridor and into one of the posh(er) reception room where we got the woodfire burning and rifled through the house’s board game options.

We settled on the never before seen game of ‘Chronology’ which had a pleasingly short set of rules. With Yemi in charge, the game looked to be a winner. However, in my continued sober state, I can be guilty of forgetting the various effects of inebriation on those I am with. Various unnamed members of the group just could NOT GET THE SIMPLE GAME. The rules were literally fewer than 300 words. And yet, people made the same mistakes time and again.

I have, throughout my pregnancy, been surprised and self-congratulatory about the fact that I have found drunk people far less annoying (when I am not one of them) than I would have predicted. However, as I reflect on sitting on the toilet for at least 10 minutes longer than was necessary in order to escape the infuriating situation in the lounge, I now have to admit that I am perhaps not so tolerant as I had thought. I think this will be a surprise to nobody else.

Eventually, the game got going. Dad quickly pulled out because he wasn’t enjoying it (which I interpreted as ‘too drunk to understand the rules’), Nicky was casually winning despite being asleep on the sofa for all but her turns; I had very poor luck which was the only reason for my under-achievement and Jack and Yemi did their best to prevent people from giving up.

Chronology’s questions displayed an odd tendency to over-represent Australian general knowledge which meant that our general lack of knowledge around the founding of Australia and the colonisers’ mistreatment of its indigenous population, further extended the game. I gave up just one card off winning. I could take questions about Perth no more. I had also consumed enough cheese to be in continued discomfort and found it preferable to endure this state in bed in the dark with just Beaky for company.

Luckily, today I have learnt my lesson and eaten only brownie for breakfast (with a banana to provide vitamins) and an afternoon tea for lunch. There has been no cheese.