Change by learning

Learning makes you grow, learning makes you connect, learning makes you humble, learning makes you questioning, learning makes you change.

When was the last time you took the decision to learn something new? To really commit to discover a new topic and/or to build a new skill?

Last year, I took the decision to go back to University. At the beginning of the program, when people asked me what I was doing I was replying, ‘I am a student’, and I felt uncomfortable. I had the impression that being a student was not what I should be now that I am an adult. Since then, I change totally my mind: learning is amazing and changing. Whether you are a child, teenager or an adult, it is not the point.

Learning and connect
If you ask me what was the most powerful aspect of learning again, I will definitely answer: CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE.
Learning allow you to be part of a community of people. Not only a random community. It is deeper than that. They are people who have an interest in common with you or, even more, the same passion. That creates such an experience of bonding. You exchange your opinions, ask for advise, people care about you and you care about them, you learn from each other, even more than from the lectures, lessons, or courses. You learn through life experiences, through people who breathe, think, feel, cry, laugh: people who are just like you.

Learning and give
How do you feel when you offer a bunch of flowers, a tea, or simply a smile to someone? I feel empowered and so happy.
When you learn something new, it is also an opportunity to give. Just like you learn from people, they learn from you and your personal story. In a group, you can complete each other and using your strengths to support the others. You feel empowered, useful and at the right place. Try to remember last time you had a discussion with someone in one of your area of expertise, how did you feel? did you notice the time flying? did you feel energised? did you feel useful?

Learning and discover something new
Using your skills and discovering something new have had such a positive impact on my wellbeing. 
Imagine you choose to learn something you have always thought about doing. Whether it is playing an instrument, doing a new sport, studying business, philosophy or a new language, it does not matter. Can you picture yourself engaging in the process, using the skills you have, developing new skills, discovering more about a topic that you chose for you and nobody else. What do you see? What do you feel? You have the power to make it be reality.

Learning and pushing yourself
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that it is always easy because you can feel overwhelmed or frustrated by the work you have to do. However, at the same time, you feel so proud of yourself to commit to something. Potentially, if you achieve — and achieving is only relative — , you will feel proud of yourself for having been through the process, for having met your goal. And if you fail, is it really failing? Because at the end of the day, you learn from failing also.

Learning and change
You see, the people I met, the things I learned, the skills I developed, the frustration I experienced, the satisfaction I felt, all of these have made me grown. It has opened my mind to a new reality, it has connected me to wonderful people, it has changed my life, but not only. My change have impacted people around me, my friends, family and the people I meet. They have also learned from my experience, they have felt my frustration, they have discovered new topics, they have been energised to try something different. They have been energised to change.

Life is a process, life is about growing, life is about failing, life is about succeeding, life is about learning. 
Sometimes, I have the feeling that our system is built so that people think that education is until 18 years old or at the most your early 20’s. After that you are supposed to know. After that, you are an adult. But, I tell you what: believing that is the biggest mistake I made. To start with: we never know. We hope we do to ensure that we are not wrong and doing right in life. There is no wrong and right, it depends on the perspective you take. So doubt, question, learn, and change. 
Learning is so powerful. It makes you connect and feel alive. Take my energy right now and write down the thing you have always said you wanted to learn and find a way to make it happen. We have one life, the only person who can find the time to learn a new passion is you. Find this time, I promise, you will always thank yourself for having done it.

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