A Month with No Money

Lucie Darshan
Apr 1 · 2 min read

(Social experiment to experience barter platform Share Your Gift in action…)

On April 1st, I’m starting a *30 Day No Money Challenge*: no cash, debit, or credit card purchases, just barter and generosity of others. The goal is spend $0 (umm, we will see how that goes haha), promote Darshan CommUnity, test the functionality and user experience of my non-profit project “Share Your Gift”, and the explore the limits of the sharing economy.

I’m going to be sharing my passion for music or meal creation, time and skills like massage, physiotherapy, graphic design, personal coaching or inspiration I’ve acquired during my 30 year journey when I left everything behind to move to Canada, accidentally lived in India learning from a 94 year old guru or spent few seasons chasing powder at the remote heliskiing lodge… I have stories to tell if you’re there to listen.

While sharing my cash-free journey this month, I’m hoping to meet my basic needs of food (and COFFEE!), entertainment and healing my recent back injury with use of as little $$ as I can.

Want to participate? Let’s trade! Maybe you want to buy me groceries and I use it to make a Czech-cuisine specialty dinner for you? Or maybe your local business can share a service in exchange for advertising and a review of my experience and your support? Maybe we can just grab a coffee and go for a walk to brainstorm our goals & envision our dreams?

Well. One more thing you need to know about me before you read on… English is not my first language and I’m looking to improve my writing skills and vocabulary during this experiment. Feel free to correct my English at any point, it would be a great Gift you’d give me from wherever you are ;-)

I will be writing (or at least trying to write) about my experience and ALL I traded (and how much I did not spend) every day on Instagram @darshancommunity and here on my freshly created Medium page. If you have any questions about my Share Your Gift movement, message me, I’d love to connect :-)

From the ❤ Lucie Darshan