They Say Submissives Are Weak

They say we’re weak
because we submit
but they are weaker
than they admit
For they conform
to the world’s view
of who they must be
even if it’s not true

They walk in a line
and do as their told
but they do not try
to escape that mold
They are too scared
in case they stand out
they dare not ask
what their life’s about

Maybe they’d lead
if given the chance
to guide and direct
help others advance
Maybe they’d follow
not as mindless drones
but strongly fighting
for a worthy throne

Maybe they’d respect
those not the same
instead of mocking
and treating with shame
Maybe they’d see
they shouldn’t destroy
the very differences
that give others joy

But I speak theories
which I don’t follow
my actions are lacking
my words are hollow
I speak possibilities
I’d like one day to see
but I still live in fear
and I am not free

But I hope change
will yet come my way
if I find the strength
to speak out some day
then I will stand up
for how my heart feels
then the world I want
will finally become real