Why mobile first is outdated

You never say what you think the definition of ‘mobile first’ is.

There seem to be two different definitions of what ‘Mobile First Responsive’ means.

Some say ‘mobile first’ means your css defaults to the smaller screen, i.e., you don’t need a media query for the smaller screen since it’s the default css … it does not matter what size screen you start designing for. And it doesn’t matter what your intended audience is using. Defaulting to the smaller screen is clean, less code and easier to add floats as the screen gets wider. There is not a lot of overriding code already written for the wider screen … when you start smaller it simply cascades up the min-width media queries. It’s really just about how to capitalize on how cascading style sheets work. Make sense?

Other’s say it means designing for the smaller screen (mobile) first. You might start with a media query for a smaller screen. So if your audience is mostly going to be using desktop, what’s the point of designing for mobile first. And these people typically spend a lot of time and money on statistics of what their users are tapping in with and that’s where they’ll start, desktop first. They really want to target their largest market users. Right?

Which do you think it is?

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