picnic races

First draft

Six player in a group

Must have smart phone

Iphone or smart phone

Theme = Steam Punk

Choose an “avatar”

Use your avatar or profile during the game.

The horse you choose from the form guide will be the horse who must make it to the track.

Your job is to help Sham to make it to the picnic races on time so he can be the ancestor… otherwise you will turn into a ghost. You must help Sham meet Roxana so that you can be born.

Five tasks or games to lead you to the picnic races.

Each game will be an interactive immersive game using sculpture, computers etc. Each game using electricity will be designed to be solar powered or wind powered.


Each game is connected to a path only visible with a smart phone.





The Race

The winner of the race will win a 3D print file of a race horse trophy. To be redeemed later.

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