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Rita Jones, what about Rape victims? Are you suggesting that she should be made to carry the fetus? That her feelings, and stuff she is going thru doesn’t matter? That some how it is her fault? Or if it can cause her to lose her job, or lose her home because she can’t work that it is okay? You believe it is okay to continue to make her a victim? Do you realize in some states the woman’s rapist has rights to visitation so they can continue to victimize her? They can even keep her from putting it up for adoption and then getting custody of it, and suing her for child support. Isn’t that wonderful? until the growth/parasite can survive on it’s own outside of the woman’s body or until such a time comes that they can take the fetus out of the womb and either put it in someone else or in an icubator then she should have the right to terminate it.

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