Homeopathy A Natural Cure That May Heal You Better Than Your Pharmaceutical Doctor

Homeopathy is in many forms the great natural cure to rid diseases. You may know homeopathy to be “woo-woo” or something a quack doctor just made up while sitting in his mother’s basement. But to be honest it’s apart of the natural cures that you have to know and understand.


Remember those pills the doctors prescribe you, because of a small flu you’ve been trying to get rid of over the past three weeks. The smell of latex swirling about in the room where you wait for the doctors pen to stop scribbling the long, “your unable to pronounce” so called prescription medication. The medication that’s suppose to heal you.

Let’s just say for the sake of this scenario, that you do remember. When you remember doesn’t it make you cringe every time you think about going to the doctor? It’s something you dread because you’re scared they might find some unknown disease within you that may or may not be curable.

In the homeopathy world, you don’t feel this way, because homeopathy cures your whole body. It doesn’t cure just the small part where your sickness is coming from. It ensures the sickness doesn’t ever come back. and it works better than any pill you eat.

It’s the natural medicine that can heal you versus the tradition pill a pharmaceutical drug will give you. So homeopathy uses natural substances to create remedies that’s suitable to heal the human body.

Your Ancestors Used It So Why Can’t You?

The word homeopathy actually means “Like Disease”, which the homeopathy USA has referred to it in this manner. It’s derived from the Greek then into Latin which thus went into English. The “Like Disease” meaning is defined as whatever the illness you may have, it will cure it with the same disease.

I know sounds crazy right? Your ancestors never thought so, because they used it and well…let’s just say it worked out well for them. Let’s travel back shall we?

Back between the 1755–1843 there was a doctor by the name of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. The man discovered something quite amazing while studying “A Treatise of Materia Medica”. Learning homeopathy from the material, he took it upon himself to try one of the drugs that was within the book.

What happened next was startling yet intriguing enough for him to investigate further.

He found when a healthy person took a medication in homeopathy, the person became sick.


The medication was suppose to cure a person with the same disease which is why doctor Samuel Hahnemann became ill.

This may seem bad, but it was good for the person who was sick in the first place. Meaning a person has to be sick in order to get treated by the medicine or “like disease”.

He even had written footnotes pointing out that what he found would be the greatest yet the biggest “controversial” healing methods ever known.

Controversial? In today’s society, I’d say its pretty controversial now and always was. But it’s important to want to know “Why?” it is.

Even The British Royal Families Used It and Still To This Day

Homeopathy has been known by royal families, because of it’s amazing healing methods on the sick. Years after Dr. Samuel Hahnemann discovered homeopathy, Queen Elizabeth became a contributor to the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital.

What does this tell you about this medical method?

Homeopathy works which is why, still to this day, the top elite use these methods. If homeopathy is good enough for royal families to use it as their only, and primary medicine, don’t you think it’s good enough for you?

Research the information here, if you‘re’ still on the fense about it. There’s a lot of information on the internet backed by evidence to tell you that homeopathy works better than the traditional pharmaceutical drug industry will give you.

The Future of Homeopathy

It seems as though society allows for the same traditional medicine that’s been in the system for several years. It’s our main source of feeling well in today’s day and age, but what of homeopathy?

The traditional medical industry hasn’t work as well as is should. As deaths climb year after year even taking medication prescribed by doctors has its down falls.

Whats more is the non-prescriptive drugs are constantly being advertised through television. Advertisements tell you how they treat the illness but it seems odd that they always have side affects at the end of the commercial.


  • It may cause loss of memory
  • Can have an increase of depression leading to suicide
  • May cause dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Headaches

And the list goes on…

Here’s are some commercials that you may be well aware of before, but this time pay attention when they read the side affects of these drugs.


Medicines shouldn’t have any side affects at all if its suppose to heal you. Healing you should mean getting rid of your sickness forever without worrying about side affects that you may receive.

Overall, if we want to build a better future in the health industry we should do our research about alternative medicines that are natural for your health. Homeopathy may save many lives, but it’s not the only natural medicine that should be included in the health system. There are many others which offer natural cures to heal your body unlike the synthetic medicines the pharmaceutical drug companies promote.