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5 free tools to build your MVP/RAT without coding

These are the freemium tools I’ve been using to test assumptions and validate hypothesis before serious investments

Fail fast (and often) and learn fast! This is the Lean Startup mantra.

And it supports a key concept behind Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Riskiest Assumption Test (RAT): test assumptions and hypothesis before developing a lot of stuff.

In order to fail fast and often you need to fail cheap and small. That means you must minimize cost and (negative) impact of each test.

As head of product I’m always looking for ways to reduce the effort required to validate each hypothesis and test each assumption. At Minutrade we have being working with a series of tools that allows us to build mockups and prototypes without coding and without impacting the schedule of the development teams.

By combining online forms, API connectors, and more, we have been able to test important hypothesis with the internal audience and key customers, and to invest safely in the development of new products and features.

Here is a list of the top 5 tools we use most. Please feel free to add more tools to the list on the comments.

Zapier (

Zapier and others like it allows you to integrate all type of tools and create workflows and more complex experiences for your customers with very little effort, and no coding.

For instance, you can collect customer data in one tool (landing page, online form, Twitter, Facebook, etc), process it in a second tool (Google spreadsheet, Zapier it self or your own software) and give feedback in a third tool (e-mail, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

There are a lot of available tools to integrate and you can connect some of your own. The possibilities are endless.

Alternatives to Zapier: IFTTT, and more

Typeform (

Typeform provides the most beautiful responsive online forms, but it lacks validations types on it’s fields. If you don’t need to validade phone number or any other specific filed format it’s probably the best choice.

With a turnkey integration available on Zapier, you can use collected data with any other tool you like. It also allows you to embed your form on a landing page or e-mail, and this can be very useful.

Alternatives to Typeform: Google Forms, Survey Monkey, and more

WiX (

WiX may not be the easiest to use site creator, but it has beautiful free templates that can come in hand if you don’t want to burden a designer.

You can easily embed an online form on your landing page to collect customer input and than integrate it with Zapier.

Alternatives to WiX: Weebly, Google Sites, and more (

With you can create a short link and a QR Code that directs your customer to different paths (app stores) according to the device/OS he or she is using.

Alternatives to Bitly, and more

Clickatell (

This can be done through several channels (Twitter, Facebook Messenger, etc) but some times SMS is the most straight forward.

You can easily connect your Clickatell account on Zapier to send messages to your customers (you will have to by credits on Clickatell).

Alternatives to Clickatell: Twilio, and more

Written by

Director of Product Management @Minutrade

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