Ravendex — by joining you can easily move your ERC20 tokens to Cardano as native Ada tokens with the click of a button, on demand.


Make trades and exchanges of cryptocurrencies from within a single blockchain ecosystem. Ravendex is a decentralized cross-chain trading infrastructure that allows for near-instantaneous transfer and exchange of assets between separate blockchains. Integration of Smart Contract Architecture into the Exchange Layer allows for smooth and consistent buy/sell operations. Based on the Cardano blockchain, Ravendex utilizes its unique properties to allow for split sharing of liquidity between different cryptocurrencies using the EUTXO model while supporting rapid trading in native coins or user-issued assets.

With Ravendex, you can easily move your ERC20 tokens over to Cardano as native Ada tokens at the click of a button, on demand. Our bridge is designed so that you can keep all of your Ethereum based assets on an address and still use them seamlessly on the Cardano network. With no setup or account required and access to the 0.01% SOV cardano network fees this is a zero risk way to utilize your tokens securely while saving substantially on fees.

Decentralized exchange ravendex set to revolutionize the process of crypto trading with it’s unique Cardano Blockchain based design, allowing users the convenience to transfer and trade assets entirely under the protection of the blockchain they are on.

Why is Ravendex different from others

Ravendex Can bridge From ERC20 to Cardano Chain

Ravendex developing a revolutionary, simply to use EVM — Cardano Token Bridge that would be helpful for project owners that would like to migrate their tokens from EVM blockchains to Cardano blockchain.

Ravendex is an Ethereum to Cardano Token Bridge. This project intends to provide a tool for the users of Token Sale that have raised funds on Ethereum platform, to migrate their tokens to Cardano Platform. The aim of this project is the ease-of-use and speed of the implementation.

New Cardano Token Bridge available for any ERC20 Token

The Bridge is an off-chain transaction relay mechanism that allows Ethereum based “tokens” to be transferred between users in the Cardano Blockchain without an on-chain transaction.

Prioritizing Transparent Tokenomics

Ravendex is a decentralized and immutable data exchange protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. Ravendex uses the concept of whitelists to allow individuals to be able to download the blockchain in its entirety. Data on the blockchain is protected using verifiable computation by arbitrarily distributing it across many computers, and then forever anchoring it in place on the public data chain.

Ravendex have developed an innovative incentive scheme (tokenomics) that ensures the long-term health of the network. The system encourages honest behavior by rewarding participants for correct execution of their duties, penalizing for dishonest behaviour, and allowing any party to closely monitor the performance of their peers. call this scheme Proof-of-Honesty.

RAVENDEX NFT — NFT Staking & NFT Gamification Features

Ravendex conceptualized the first super utility Cardano ecosystem powered by the Rave Token & Rave NFTS. Rave blockchain is a third generation blockchain that can integrate any smart contract with its revolutionary proof of stake voting system. By implementing the NFT staking concept, individuals or businesses can stake (or tax) their NFTs to purchase raves or other NFTs on our platform and participate in voting for big proposals that have great impact to this Cardano based ecosystem.

All You Need To Know About Ravendex’s NFT Staking Program & How To Earn

RAVE tokens will be staked to receive staking rewards. Each week, a certain number of RAVE tokens will be chosen at random and the owner of these tokens will receive the reward for that time period. You can also choose to sell your staked RAVE on the DEX.

Ravendex has opened its staking program to give back to our holders. Earn $RAVE by minting Staked NFTs and keep your entire $RAVE balance immune from dilution and earn 15% more monthly rewards than your unstaking counterpart.

Ravendex is a high-technology smart farming company that is building a decentralized network of IoT sensors and artificial intelligence software that precisely control the entire lifecycle of plants, from seed to harvest. The end goal is to produce more healthy and sustainable food year-round in an environmentally friendly and economically profitable fashion. The RAVE NFT allows holders to profit as Ravendex grows and scales.

Ravendex network has a new staking program that, if implemented, will allow you to earn $RAVE periodically from your digital assets. Contrary to other staking programs the payouts will be bound to the actual coin amount.

Unique Pegging system that has various features that distinguish it from other pegging systems. These features are essential to preserving and protecting network integrity, as well as ensuring that all players remain on equal footing.

Interesting ISPO Features

Ravendex is a point system integrated with the Cardano blockchain that helps to support its development. Anyone can delegate their ADA to participating ADA staking pools and receive 200% of their initial stake.

Ravendex is a fully decentralized platform that allows content producers to request a stake pool to delegate their ADA. Alternatively, content consumers can help content creators earn rewards by delegating directly to them. Ravendex utilizes the Daedalus and Yoroi wallets for delegated staking so a user does not have to download or manage a separate wallet app.

You can delegate your ADA to a stake pool in exchange for staking rewards using Daedalus or Yoroi wallets.

Not only will you receive $RAVE tokens as a reward for helping secure the Ravendex network, but you’ll also be supporting a huge step forward in ADA participation within the ISPO. Visit the Ravendex website today to learn more! Visit

Become Acquainted with Ravendex ISPO Basics

When you hear the term “ISPO,” what do you think?

An ISPO is a new method of raising funds that is more equitable, inclusive, and secure than the current options.

Using Cardano’s inherent reward incentive structure, the Cardano community is able to support their favorite project without having to give up their ADA assets.

Where and how can you participate in the Ravendex ISPO

  • You can delegate your ADA to a stake pool in exchange for staking rewards using Daedalus or Yoroi wallets.
  • Using the Ticker RAVEP, you can delegate to Ravendex stake pools and participate in the ISPO.
  • The amount of ADA staked and the length of time spent staking will determine how much $RAVE tokens you receive in return.

Ravendex Conclusion

With the advent of blockchain technology, many solutions to existing problems have been introduced, but they are all project-specific, and they each face criticisms that can be hard to fix. Ravendex will be one of the first multipurpose decentralized exchanges on The Cardano Ecosystem that is not only project-specific, but rather a super ecosystem powered by CNTs & CNFTs. Best of all, it will contain a suite of tools with which to trade and manage your digital assets along with Cardano’s native cryptocurrency ADA.

Believe that the future of digital wallets is bright. More individuals will likely convert to the Ravendex platform in the coming years, with more features being added to increase security and convenience. have only identified a few key features in this whitepaper, but there are numerous others being developed to enhance the consumer experience. Users and merchants alike stand to benefit from these innovations, and it will be interesting to see how this idea takes off.

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