Zarina Zabrisky

From one of my SA comrades, regarding the UCB protest last night:

“More thoughts on the protest last night from someone who was *actually there*. There were definitely fascists roaming around the crowd trying to pick fights. I’ve heard reports of this from friends and comrades, and there is one interesting case study I saw myself. One. dude was wandering around the crowd for pretty much the entire time I was there trying to pick a fight by insulting every protester he saw and getting in their faces. The multiple occasions I saw him interact with protesters, they either ignored him or told him to fuck off. Lo and behold, later that night he is on right wing media with a bloodied face and a shit-eating grin talking about the violent nature of the left. What they don’t report is that it took him HOURS to find someone to punch him in the face. The greasy troll-ball deserved that punch, do not get me wrong, but the fact that the vast majority of us had better things to do than give it to him doesn’t square with the narrative in the right wing and centrist media.”


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