Client Week at The Iron Yard Day 2

Ok so yesterday I posted about our client week assignment day 1. And that was to create a blog site about our home town NBA team The San Antonio Spurs. Well here we are day 2 and man things got confusing real quick, but we had some goals laid out and I do believe we made some real progress.

Our goal was to really go after the functionality of our project and get things working on our javascript files using React. I did feel like we had a slow start, but we did manage to have some progress in the morning.

I cant speak for my group mates but Im pretty darn nervous about the React portion of our project. Im also worried about not finishing enough of our assignment to get some kind of satisfactory grade. Working in a group has been somewhat of a challenge for me. Every assignment has been a solo assignment so working in conjunction with others, especially when there are multiple solutions to the very things we are trying to accomplish, can be a bit frustrating. I tend to be opinionated and assertive at times and finding the balance in this setting is good practice for the market place. Everyone has something to contribute, and i’m proud about what my group has been able to accomplish I two days.

Tomorrow i’m hoping we are able to get a post to show up in our home page. Im gonna work on that tonight and see how far I get. If we can have at least half of the functionality done by tomorrow afternoon, ill feel much better about where we are in this assignment. Tomorrow ill place a screen shoot of our progress. Nothing really t show right now. Till tomorrow

Happy coding


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