Group Project: The Iron Yard — Client Week

Day 1-Tuesday

Today we kicked off our client week projects. Our assignment was to create a blog website having to do with our local basketball team, the San Antonio Spurs. We were given specific instructions from a client as to what they wanted and how things should function. Our goal was to create a “home/index page” that displayed past posts, a “create a post page” where visitors can write a new post, and a “post details page” where someone can read an individual/selected post. Also be concise with our branding of the team and color scheme.

We had trouble starting off, or more like we had a slow start. The first thing we did was create the repository on GitHub, then getting our development stack in order with files and configurations. We also were introduced to Trello, which is a project manager. It was very easy to use and definitely something that I could see companies utilizing. We decided on the following dev stack:

HTML — Content

CSS — Styling

NPM — Node Project Manager

React — javascript language


Jest — TDD (Test Driven Development)



We agreed that getting the html out of way was the best approach. We created a wire frame and began to write code, but It became clear that we would have to adopt a better workflow so that when we brought our work together on GitHub, we wouldn’t run into any problems. So we took a step back and decided to separate our files and make our workflow a bit more detailed based on individual tasks. For example, we originally had 3 html files called:




we then created 2 more files.



My job was to create the header/nav bar, and this is what I came up with.

We also had only one css file, which we decided to change into 6 different files, to be merged to maybe 2 or 3 at a later point.

Having these files separated made it pretty easy to merge to GitHub because we were all working on different files. It was a good day today. We ended the day well and everyone left with a goal and task to do at home later in the evening. Tomorrow we are going to start the functionality portion of our assignment using React. Ill keep everyone up to date with our progress.

Happy Coding Everyone