Week 3 — The Iron Yard — Final Project

ANYBODY STRESSED!!! haha, ok maybe the all caps wasn’t necessary, but when it comes to this project there are a few things that I have experienced that I can definitely say have been eye opening, reassuring, and also a bit terrifying.

Let me begin by saying that yesterday I took the day off to spend the entire day with my beautiful wife. We went horseback riding, grabbed a great French brunch at la madeleine cafe, spent time laughing and enjoying the day, then ended with a great Italian dinner at Louie Italian Restaurant. I was a bit nervous taking a whole day and not working on my project, but I feel energized and ready for today. Oh and by the way my wife runs a fashion blog so if your interested check it out. www.shesalyssarenee.com

So with that said, TAKE A BREAK!! I don’t know how it is when you code or at work, or running errands, but with me, I can sit and code nonstop. My body will say “take a break”, but my mind just wants to keep going. What I’ve been doing lately is when I accomplish something, I get up and walk around and take a moment to not work on my project. Even if its for 5 minutes, taking that time to step back, will do wonders for your productivity. Don’t feel like your wasting time, in fact your working smarter, which in turn gives you better work flow.

Something else that I experienced while tackling this final project, is I can figure out things on my own. There have been a hand full of times over the last 2 1/2 weeks that I have been stuck on some kind of functionality issue. Usually I would ask another peer or my instructor for some guidance, but without me even realizing it at first, I was finding my own answers and making the code work the way I wanted it to. It was a great feeling, and it gave me confidence about that first job and what I will be asked to do.

Which comes to my next point, that first job. What the hell are they going to ask me to do? Freakout mode right!!!! I plan on applying for jobs next week. Even though the cohort isn’t done until the 24th, I feel like I can pull the trigger on some of the great jobs that are already out there. The questions start to flood my mind, How hard are these interviews going to be? Am I going to sound like a inexperienced rookie? What if they ask something that I don’t know the answer to? Many more have been swirling around for a while now, but I have to feel confident in what iv’e learned, and in what I can learn. Its crunch time for my project. I have to finish it by Friday in order for me to feel good and relaxed next week. Until then.

Happy Coding Everyone