How to get back your ETH after the end of ICO

Hello, friends!

As you probably know, we’ve not reached Soft cap, thus all investors will get their money back. To get your ETH back, you need to make several steps. Follow this brief instruction and get your crypto.

It will work only since 12 a.m. (UTC) on 21 July. Please, wait until this time and then follow steps below.

Using Metamask and Etherscan:
1. Go to Etherscan’s “Write Contract” tab.
2. Click “Connect with Metamask” link.
3. Select account in Metamask you used to deposit ether.
4. Click button “Write” next to “refund” function.
5. Verify transaction details and that you have enough ether for tx fee in Metamask and submit it.

Using MyEtherWalet:
1) Go to MyEtherWallet
2) Set a contract address to 0x18777aec0b231d1a4a9c66b51253088a03affdfc
3) Copy contract ABI from Etherscan
4) Select function “refund”
5) Use a way of sending transaction, which you prefer

That’s it! You’ve just successfully make a request on getting your money back. Thank you for being with us. We’ll stay tuned. That’s only beginning!