Random thoughts

Life is so complicated, life can be simple,
life can be a void, can be a chaos.

Sometimes I just wonder what does this life mean to me and also people around me?

I will admit sometimes I think I am an abject failure and then I think I am doing just fine.
Why failure?
When you aspire to be something, you are so passionate about it, you leave everything aside just to get that goal but then suddenly something gets on your way and you have to stop pursuing that dream at times even shelve it.
It hurts, its such a moment when you feel so lost especially when the people who started with you have achieved what you wanted to.
Sadly we never look what we have achieved, our little brains are still wrapped around the things we didn’t achieve. Why is it that what we don’t have is what that captures us the most?
Are you also the same? Most of us are so I just wondered?
Life seems sometimes like a horizon where they seem to converge and meet together but then we all know that they are always parallel.
Why am I saying all this?
Its life. At times you will invest so much in people and they will just walk out as if nothing happened. You can ask them but it won’t make much difference as you know in your heart: its over. You are left perplexed either blaming yourself or surprised at what just happened and why.
Sometimes for these people you are too old fashioned or a strong person or just a rude person or just a person to be talked to when they are sad.
At times without realizing I behave exactly aforementioned ways. Sometimes we are so cold, sometimes we are just so great as if we are the best friends.
I met so many people from almost all nationalities but not from all walks of life I will admit.
I have no idea what am I even writing honestly but seeing people around me and at times when I know I am faking a smile: I just wanted to write something.
After all the mayhem what I realized is that you don’t need to be honest at all times. Believe it or not at times being fake works like a charm and yes sometimes you need to be cold hearted!!!
Being possessive, too close to someone, too much loved by someone can hurt you irreparably.
Good luck my friends
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