Why Bitcoin is Different than other Cryptocurrencies
Jimmy Song

I’m a BTC guy — but can I push back a little?

Bitcoin has some features that are not palatable for banks and some business. For them, Etherium and Ripple are a better fit. Isn’t it possible that semi-private blockchain projects like Etherium and Ripple are like intranets — a better way to communicate within a semi-trusted environment — something that can be complimentary to the public bitcoin blockchain?

If so, the many large orgs throwing money at development on Etherium and Ripple could attract more quality developers than bitcoin, no?

The long game might be stacked against them. Just as linux won against windows server, bitc0in sidechains may serve the semi-private needs of these orgs or even kill their business model. That could be 15+ years — long enough that some shorter term hedging could be prudent, no?

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