Introducing the Lucky Buddha Club

Hello Frens! Our first blog post can you believe it! 😱 😱 I know we can’t!

With less than a month till our NFTdrops, we thought it was prime time to introduce ourselves to you.

Are you ready for it? LFG!

Who are we?

We’re the Lucky Buddha Club, a.k.a 10,000 of the chubbiest, cutest, and luckiest Buddhas currently making our way to the Ethereum BlockChain.

Our mission? To create a community where NFT lovers and like-minded individuals like yourself can seek, share, and experience financial, spiritual, and physical enlightenment within and beyond the metaverse.

Our team consists of leading crypto and NFT maestros, developers, marketing and PR professionals, community managers, and an artist a.k.a our very own Cyber Van Gogh; and so far, it’s been an exciting experience getting Buddhas to Ethereum and bringing our community to life.

But it’s probably nothing…

Moving on.

Wen Mint?

We will start the official minting of 10,000 Lucky Buddhas on February 14 2022 for our community.

Beyond an ordinary NFT Community thanks to our members

It should be clear that the Lucky Buddha NFT is a lot more than just a fast track to making money in the crypto world and business.

We value our community, and we value our holders.

Every Lucky Buddha that you mint will hold the value of an entry pass to the Sacred Temple of the Lucky Buddha Club.

Since our membership pool is full of diverse contributors ranging from cryptocurrency experts to influencers and even celebrities, you could get expert advice regarding the maintenance and management of your wealth.

You might also choose to interact with contributors from various domains in the walk of life to mostly help you with your financial matters and straighten your goal of getting wealthy.

LaunchPads for our Entrepreneurial-Minded

Have an entrepreneurial mindset and wish to explore the crypto industry with a unique and intriguing idea? Then a dedicated group of investors and community engagement will help with a LAUNCHPAD for your start-up ideas. But these meetings won’t just be digital. You could also meet the expert folks in-person at the Lucky Buddha Club Meetings and Parties in the Luxury Base Temple in Miami, Florida.

Shaping our Destinies Beyond the Digital with Native Buddha Tokens

One of our goals is to launch and reward NFT holders with the native token after a designated vesting period. This native token will be available for exchanges with various real-world purchases that include travelling, lodging, coaching, shopping for luxury brand wear, getting your hands on the exclusive merch, and going for exclusive experiences.

Investing in Buddhas for ALL Buddhas

The Lucky Buddha Club’s collectibles iteration will purchase several pieces of land and assets in Decentraland, Sandbox, along with growing metaverses that can be used for marketing purposes and collect rental income.

Two ways to get involved

Ready to join the club?

Here are 2 main ways to get involved with the LBC and join in on the fun!

Giveaways: We will have bi-weekly live giveaways on an ongoing basis before and after sell out.

The immediate giveaways after the sell-out of our project include:

  • A plot of land in the Metaverse platform of your choice (Decentraland, Sandbox, etc.)
  • $500k total giveaways of which $100k in Ethereum to ultra-rare holders (Apx $10k each)
  • $100K Prepaid Jet Membership to use however you want

In the long run, we intend to provide giveaways based on the holding period of your Buddha NFT.

Community participation: Your activity and interaction in our Twitter and Discord community also count as a parameter for some of our giveaways.

So join in now, LFG!!!:

💬 Discord:

📸 Instagram: (@luckybuddhaclub.nft)

🐦 Twitter: (@luckybuddhaclub)




10,000 Lucky Buddhas shaping their destinies on the Ethereum blockchain. This is where we’ll share exciting updates from the temple. Follow along.

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10,000 Lucky Buddhas shaping their destinies on the Ethereum blockchain. This is where we’ll share exciting updates from the temple. Follow along.

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