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Integrate a private GitLab repository with Deploy Tokens in your pubspec.yaml

unleash the ci hero

Imagine you created your own package and want to reference it in another project. It’s easy to do so if you reference the package by path. Then your pubspec.yaml would look like this:

referencing package by path

As soon as you get a bit more professional you probably want to automate the build chain or your testing and therefore access the package from a CI server. Also not a problem. You simply host your code in a git repository and reference it. This would look like:

referencing package from another git repository

All quite easy and straight forward until here…

My name is Marty McFly, I’m a Dart developer and I just recently had a revelation moment.

It all started with me and my laptop being set back in time into the dark ages of callbacks. It was not by chance but on purpose that I had to go there. A very important piece of data I had to retrieve. Coming from the Future everything back there seemed uncomfortable and convoluted. I definitely didn’t like what I saw and what I now would call a callback hell. Despite my wish to get back, I had to ensure that I would…

Lessons learned by attending a virtual conference and creating a virtual event

Teaser for the first virtual event of the GDG Nuremberg

As a organizer of local meetups since 3.5 years I’ve gained a lot experience in hosting local events. Together with co-organizer Marco Fuhrich the , Germany has hosted more than 40 events until now. But since meeting in person is currently not possible right due to Covid-19 and we still wanted to keep the community running we decided to create our first virtual event. In addition to that, I recently attended my first virtual conference, and was also able to learn what is important…

A simple paging solution.

by , altered black & white, licensed under the license


A long time ago, in ancient Egypt, people started writing words onto papyrus. Text was written on large papyrus rolls, also referred to as scroll. Papyrus was “joined together side by side and rolled up into a scroll, an early form of a book” (Wikipedia, )

A scroll “is usually divided up into pages” or “unrolled so that one page is exposed at a time”. Later, “the Romans invented the codex form of the book, folding the scroll into pages which made reading and handling the document much easier” (Wikipedia, ).

Nowadays, our apps contain ScrollViews, which go actually a…

Call Kotlin Code from Java

This blog post is all about calling Kotlin — from Java code. Java, even for Kotlin enthusiasts, will live longer than expected in a dark place somewhere deep in our source control. We will have to deal with it and probably continue working with a legacy Java codebase.

photo taken by Axl Jansen — More images and contact: — altered by the author,

The good thing, you might already know it: You can use Kotlin and Java side-by-side as they both are Java Virtual Machine (JVM) languages and compile to the same byte code. You can always validate this by going toTools -> Kotlin -> Show Kotlin Bytecode in Intellij. So if you would like…

DEPRECATION WARNING: I wouldn’t recommend this approach fully any more today. This article stays here for documenting purposes. For a modularized architecture approach I recommend the series on that by .

Android architecture evolves as all of our technical skills do. After a couple of years as Android Developer I found a good architecture for potentially big projects.

This by the way is the most important thing to consider: No architecture is good for every use case.

But, as I am very happy with it and it has proven to be a good choice in former bigger projects I…

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