Pain is highly underrated. 
Pain is not a term which should only be related to suffering and loss.
Yes, we lose, we suffer, we are in pain, in agony. 
But that’s not the end of the world, neither what the term pain signifies. 
Pain relates to fear and anger. Anger for not being able to help ourselves out of the situation we feel pain in. Fear, fear of being put in that situation once again. No one ever wishes to experience same agonizing situations again and again. We can, and should use those anger and fear as our driving forces to make sure that Firstly we are never in such situations again, and even if it were to come to such a point, we’ll be able to deal with it ourselves. It’s all what you make of the situation and not how you feel. Pain, is just a word, ignore it and you’ll feel worse, embrace it and see what good comes of even pain.

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