207 Super Powers & In-game Avatar Actions

Super Powers for Avatars — Rocket Arena

At Lucky Lady Games we are currently exploring avatar interactivity. Coming into any gaming project in the Lucky Lady Games Dreamlands gives players 3 avatar options to get into the virtual world:

  1. Select from default characters

In this post, we share some of the potential RPG avatar super powers that we thought would be super cool to add to digital wearables and character attribute features. We have seen nothing like this in any other existing Web3 avatar creator systems in the market place today (Made possible only via the special on-chain Metadata via Stashlink Wallet). So lieu of an open-source co-creator community mindset, we thought we would share our big list of the super powers consolidated from our game design team and how they can be translated as in-game actions for any aspiring Web3 or NFT game designers out there.

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List of Super Powers

  1. Portal creation

So now let’s explore what can we do this these super power in-game?

In-Game Actions

  1. Super jump

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