How AI-generated art inspired the completion of a virtual casino design of the ‘Sexy Lady Casino’ in under 24 hours

Lucky Lady Games
2 min readDec 18, 2022


This is a behind the scenes post of a casual in-studio exploration of AI-generated art. We used Dall-e2 to generate this following image sans text with the prompt “generate me a sexy version of the Lucky Lady Games logo in neon night vibe in an exciting casino interior in anime”. It produced this:

We thought it was rather great in that abstract kind of way. What we see is a roulette looking background with it’s segments replaced with neon blues that resemble video poker machines and the bottom resembles casino chips of sorts. You can also make out some palm tree or foliage like shapes. In the center is a female silhouette with long wavy hair and her head is looking back over her shoulder and she appears to be in a backless dress.

While AI graphics are backed in and rasterized in Dall-e2 with no options to export in order formats or layers, we then were inspired to vectorize it in order to use it as a neon sign perhaps as it is to be the logo of a casino brand. We brought the image into Adobe illustrator and tried a few variations.

We then decided to see what it would look like imposed onto a 2d casino building structure, which resulted in this. Very cool.

Here is a closeup of the Sexy Lady logo…

As you can see, we still needed some skills to make it ‘useable’ but it definitely created inspiration.

Next we will take this concept into the 3D world for everyone to play the Sexy Lady Casino soon! Can’t wait :)

If you haven’t tried using AI-generated art in your design process, we recommend you try. It’s fun!