I like Instagram Stories.
Arian Gomez || IG: aGomezWorldTV #AGWTV

Thanks for your great perspective. Are you finding good content from the people/brands you follow or are you finding new people/brands to follow just for their Stories?

And again, it doesn’t have to — and shouldn’t — be an either/or thing. Use both Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories for their best purpose.

The lenses, geofilters, et al., are part of Snapchat’s charm. It’s fun and oddly entertaining (for many — maybe not you!), and can turn a basic post into one that’s attention-grabbing. Attention is so hard to win. But yeah, the add-ins can be overdone for sure.

I don’t see it as people hiding at all, but more like just playing and not taking themselves too seriously. The super casual appeal of Snapchat is why it’s doing so well. Give it another chance!

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