[Analysis] Investigation into the legitimacy of reported cryptocurrency exchange volume7 hours ago

Source: Alameda Research

Quantitative trading firm Alameda Research followed up Bitwise’s ‘Real 10' exchange report presented to the SEC with an exchange volume valuation criterion set. Minus criteria one, no single measure condemns an exchange as a data manipulator.

1. Manual investigation of website trading history if available and decipherable

2. Algorithm check of price and size movements compared to self-reported data

3. Hourly volume changes of suspect exchanges versus hourly volume of verified exchanges

4. Alameda Research’s own volume compared to an exchange’s typical volume

5. Total exchange order book depth compared to the exchange’s volume

6. The fraction of an exchange’s market with order book depth compared to its own volume

Among others, BitMEX, Coinbase Pro, and Bitfinex were a handful of exchanges to pass the test.

Open Letter from PayPie CEO

Dear Community,

This letter follows our recent news of publishing a revised whitepaper with updated disclosures after the completion of our regulatory process. Our updated whitepaper published at https://www.paypie.bb sets out our continuing business plans and contains audited financial statements. This is something not so common in the crypto domain and we strongly believe that these documents provide important elements needed to protect the interest of token holders.

We are thrilled for being one of the first few companies in the world, possibly among the first ones with Canadian founders, to have reached a positive regulatory outcome that will allow PPP tokens to operate at full potential as utility tokens. This is outstanding news and it will open countless doors for the platform, not only in the accounting and financial space, but in the crypto world as well. …



Twitter @Alternateth

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