A letter to my parents in law that voted for Donald Trump

My in-laws have voted for Donald Trump and are Catholics. Today I sent them this letter and I’m republishing it here so it can help others begin a conversation with their own family. We need all the help we can get to contain the damage the upcoming Trump administration will do to our society and our world.

Dear in-laws,

if you care about grandson’s future (and I know you do) you should start writing and calling your conservative representatives about protecting the environment. It’s now clear they won’t start caring about it on their own.

A fact to consider: the north pole is 36 degrees warmer than normal today.

If the warming trend is an hoax, the North Pole is doing a great impression of spring right now. Regardless of whatever position you might have on the science, as good catholics your duty IS to protect the environment as the current Pope is reminding his herd.

The overarching point is your grandson might come to live in a world where food is scarce, wars are fought for water and he might not be safe or comfortable enough to have kids on his own.

I find the thought of this future unacceptable.

You support the people that are working to make that future a reality for him: I hope you find a modicum of moral backbone inside yourselves and start helping with something that matters. In other words, i’m asking you to help clean up the problem you created.