Your target audience doesn’t exist
Sergey Galyonkin

Besides the usual “please have a native proofread this” as you sometimes forget including articles in your sentences, the comparison with Infinite Crisis is also substantially lacking. I don’t think you investigated LoL, Dota and their competitors enough.
“A superior product with better marketing and brand recognition” than League of Legends does not exist in that market. Many players might consider Dota 2 a superior product, but it also aims at a slightly different crowd. With “f2p” games, investment into the game is also a big factor — I’m not going to switch from the game I spent 300€ on to the game that you tell me to. This will only happen if the 300€ investment game substantially offends me (which many developers regularly do to subsections of their players, hence this DOES happen in individual cases!).

But most of all, the Infinite Crisis comparison falls flat because that game is/was infinitely (:3) worse than League of Legends in most ways. That’s also why it was shut down! It may have had brand recognition, but that was rather limited in effect (comic characters — nice for some people, but not interesting for the typical MOBA player), and this on the other hand confined gameplay possibilities a lot. There is only so far a license will let you go.
Controls were bad, balancing was lacking, and so on. It wasn’t very fun or engaging.

It’s also wrong that League was the first game in its genre — it was created as a more accessible alternative to the very popular DotA (1).

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