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I regularly send challenge questions to my mailing list. The most recent one came in the form of whether or not there is a ever a case for taking meetings for free. Here was the exact challenge:

You're half-way through a project building a Shopify site for your client. Now your client comes to you and says they've been thinking about ways to increase their conversion rates and wanted to know if you'd be willing to meet with them and their business partner to "just spitball some ideas".Matters concerning conversion and sales was not part of the initial scoping conversation, and this meeting request is completely out of the blue. …

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As a front-end designer, I increasingly find myself working on UI/UX projects and design systems (styleguides). There is no debating the fact that the toolset, frameworks, and configuration for front-end projects have gotten pretty complex: Gulp, Webpack, transpilers, PostCSS, CMS, Servers… the list goes on and changes frequently.

Some or all of these will be necessary for building out a validated project, but during the design/experimental stage I really like to keep things lean. Straightforward HTML/CSS/JS allows me to just dig in and spend my time designing and coding up demos, rather than wrestling with build tools.

Minimal needs for rapid prototyping:

This lean dev environment should still provide me with a few tools to maximize timelines and client budgets. While I may add features specific to certain projects, there are 5 must-haves for every project to make me…

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In this article I want to offer some strategies for managing client communication during a project. Often thought of as a pebble in the shoe of creative flow and productivity, frequent check-ins with your clients can actually help you be more productive, deliver a more successful product, and be a client-hero. The key is having a strategy.

What is a check-in exactly?

Basically it’s any short point of contact with your client. Its purpose can be anything from providing a short update on the progress made that week, to asking a quick question about content/functionality, to sending a request to schedule a more extensive meeting.

It should be a few lines in an email (or project management tool like Basecamp or Trello), or a 5–10 minute phone call. …


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