Become the Check-in Hero

What is a check-in exactly?

Check-ins shmeck-ins

Schedule those check-ins

How often should I check-in?

  1. Short and sweet. A quick status update on what you did that week, what’s coming up next, any snags you may have hit, and a head’s up on what you might need from them to keep going.
  2. Consistent. The entire value of these check-ins rests on the fact that you and your client can count on touching base, without fail, every x days.

The benefits

1. Client trust

2. Less context switching

3. Built-in mini-milestones

What’s the catch?

1. Keep the phone calls in check!

Diving deeper into this topic is out of scope for this check-in. Let’s open calendars and set-up a proper meeting to explore this further.

2. Email exchanges may need a sanity check

Final thoughts

This article first appeared on Fix My Proposal, a service I’m putting together to help freelancers write better proposals…

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