Relax, I got this!

Do you create or do you execute?

If you are in the website-making business and you are presenting yourself to potential clients strictly as designer and/or developer, you may be shortchanging yourself… and more importantly, your clients and their projects.

Stand back, I’m renovating!

About 6 years ago we took the plunge and bought a house. To be clear, I 100% suck at reno anything. Well, except for painting — when I paint they call me the “Trim King”. However, putting a hammer or a drill in my soft, incapable hands always ends in tears. I feel sorry for the fine folks working at hardware stores as they spend a stupid amount of time translating my “thingamajigs”, “doodads”, and “doohickies” into actual products I can buy (and will invariably return, because who am I kidding?).

And here’s the thing with professionals: they don’t just bust out their tools and start breaking and rebuilding as per our instructions.
We have no idea what we’re talking about!

That’s great for Holmes on Homes,
but I make websites!

If we transpose this example into a simple design/development context we might get an exchange that goes something like this:

When it comes to client-facing communication, there is rarely any need to discuss plugins, tooling, frameworks, or any other technical details.
Those elements are important building blocks for the solution, but they are not “the solution”.

It’s not about you, it’s about them.

There is no debating that quality ingredients are key to any good recipe. But when was the last time you went to a restaurant and saw a list of ingredients on the menu? Never. What you get is a mouth-watering description of an experience.


I’m putting together a service to help freelancers write better proposals…



Independent Front-end Designer | Educator | Kayaker @luclemo |

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Lucas Lemonnier

Lucas Lemonnier

Independent Front-end Designer | Educator | Kayaker @luclemo |