Science Fiction Often Wins the Bechdel Test By Breaking it — Which is Part of its Job
Sara Lynn Michener

I loved this review. While I found the film’s narrative very fragmented, I in fact did not see it as anti-feminist in the slightest. I completely agree with the idea that the Bechdel test is over-used, but I would go even further in defending this film than making that point. The female characters in this film are really tough, as tough as in the original and arguably more complex as well. It is Jared Leto’s character who is reduced to being a pantomime villain, while his henchwoman is the true successor (along with K) to Roy Batty. The strenghts and vulnerablities of the characters of the original are mapped on to these new characters in a way that crosses gendered lines: New Priss is both more and less cruel than the original. Any issues I had with the film came from its lack of clarity rather than its moral message.

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