Guiding to find the top apps of Google play for windows phone

Google play is a smart app store for smartphones in the market. This is an indispensable app for your phone. A smart device can have all apps thanks to google play and a device without google play will not able to download any apps for your phone. With this app, you can find all apps for your demand. There are more than 2 million apps including games, apps, books, movies, music, etc that will help users own the world of technology on their phone.

Tips for finding apps in the top apps on play store on windows phone

With such a huge number of apps, finding an app in this software is quite difficult for users. But you can be assured that this doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s refer this article to find an app in the most quickly way to save time now.

To help user find apps on google play store in the fastest way, there is a feature that updates the hottest apps on top to find easily and correctly. Therefore, you can save time by this feature. Let’s follow the below steps:

First of all, you get access to google play on your phone screen.

Swipe to the right, you can see the featured apps, featured games, top free apps, top free games, etc

Click on the featured apps. Here you can see the most downloaded apps in the fastest way.

Swipe to the right ,you will dee the top free apps.

Each time you swipe to the right, you can fing more and more apps in New + rising app, top paid apps, top ranked apps, etc…

There is the same management for games.

So, you can find all top apps in the most quickly way via this category. Let’s try it now.