Stereotypes — what makes you and your business stucked?

To know something new, you need to learn something new. Knowledge and experience — the base of successful movement. Moving forward — essential activity to achieve both personal and business growth. And when you’re building your life and your business on the old base — you’re kind of stucked…Had this feeling? Right, it’s simply because of change.

Everything changes around, people, behaviour, market, circumstances…you are getting older, you are learning any way — from the life, from people around you and from the mistakes.

Of course…mistakes — the main teacher for all of us. And it works best when you’ve got that lesson and you know what to do in same situation. The problem is — mistake as a teacher — expensive …

Thus, what is the main reason of this constant process? It’s obviously stereotype…

Stereotype as ‘school-uni-job’, ‘don't need anything — will just start a business’, ‘will do same as they did’, ‘will block this because it’s not what most society likes’… All these and other stereotypes make you stucked.

Likes, dislikes, criticism and positivism… All these aspects, all these processes has its own stereotypes as a base.

I don’t like to work this way because I don’t know if it will work

I do like this because most people like

I will do this because this person told me it’s the best and this person has a lot of followers

I will ignore this because I don’t understand

and many other examples…

Here we have a mix of stereotypes and resistance to change. When it comes to business and we recognize new tendencies — both stereotype and resistance to change works against you, against your business.

I wouldn’t work with outsource because it’s something new, I’d rather pay to person sitting in my office 9 to 6… But is it cost effective and effective for final result?

I wouldn’t work with this person because of age — too old to get ‘modern vision’… But if this person know more about all the processes you need plus its’ background?

I wouldn’t work because I don’t like … age, gender, …we shouldn’t ever raise this point, but it’s still huge blocker for many people as an old stereotype!

Change is always difficult but its absolutely impossible when you stucked on stereotypes. And for both — life and business you need to leave all behind and think out-of-the-box to move forward.

Be ready to innovate, be ready to change!