The One Single Reason Why Your Strategy Doesn’t Work

Well, yes, you’ve started with coach or consultant, — you’ve got help, opinion, sometimes assistance, you’ve got your unique plan, strategy developed for you … but in time… you recognize that there’s no such result as you expected.

The only one reason of this is — you’re not working to execute this strategy, you’re making excuses.

All these:

‘Not yet’

‘No luck’

‘Will do later’

It’s a biggest problem. One more side of this — even when you’re executing just part of the plan, result will not be the one you desire. Executing 1–2 points out of 8–10 will not produce you result.

Make sure you’re executing, not making excuses

Thus when you hire coach or consultant you need to:

  1. Get advice, listen to advice, discuss and put to the plan the action you’ve developed together
  2. Once it’s all in your plan and in precise strategy: start execution
  3. Make sure you’re working on every point of your plan, because ‘doing something’ and ‘somehow’ wouldn’t work for you

Follow strategy developed together

You shouldn't blindly follow steps prescribed for you, but you need to understand that success depends on:

  1. Quality of your actions
  2. Complexity of your actions
  3. Consequence of your actions
  4. Frequency of your actions

And your coach is always ready to help, advise and guide you as well as inspire and show the way. Oh, yes, we are, gladfully — that’s what is all about!