Best Minecraft Shaders

Apr 29, 2019 · 3 min read

1. SEUS v10.1 (Ultra)
Performance requirement: average

SEUS v10.1 shaders are usually the first shader package I recommend to people looking for their first mod shader. This has a medium impact on the performance of your Minecraft and it is absolutely beautiful. It should run between 40 and 60 frames per second on laptops and low-end desktops, which is fine. In the high-end computers will have no delay.

2. SEUS v11
Performance requirement: extreme

SEUS v11 is the older brother of SEUS v10.1. Hungry performance, epic brother. It looks somewhat similar to v10.1, but the clouds are really beautiful and the graphics are generally more beautiful. To use this shader, you need a very good computer. Even with my GTX 1070 and i5–6400, I get about 50–80 fps with this shader, which is low compared to the 100–170 fps achieved with SEUS v10.1.

3. Sildurs Vibrant Shaders v1.17 (High)
Performance requirement: average

A really colorful and almost fantastic shader for Minecraft. The Sildurs Vibrant Shaders are at the height of their name, they are dynamic. The performance requirements are somewhat similar to those of SEUS v10.1. Therefore, depending on the type of look you want for your Minecraft, the Sildurs Vibrant Shader is a great choice.

4. Continuum v1.3
Performance requirement: extreme

I did not use much Continuum v1.3, because it works very badly on my GTX 1070 and i5–6400. This gives me worse frames per second than SEUS v11, and it looks like this. Personally, I prefer the appearance of SEUS v11 compared to Continuum. However, if you stole the NASA supercomputer, maybe try this shader.

5. Chocapic13 V6 (Ultra)
Download from: Minecraft Forum
Performance requirement: average

Shader very similar to Sildur’s Vibrant Shader, but with better shooting speeds (at least in average quality). I do not really have an opinion on Chocapic13 shaders, I have not used them as much. Watch the video at the top of this comparison and create your own opinion!

6. v7.1 of Robobo1221 (Ultra)
Performance requirement: high

A bit of niche shading, it’s quite dark and it’s not really alive, so it gives a pretty dark feel to Minecraft. I am filming a cinematic video of Minecraft and it really gives a great atmosphere for the video. As for the normal game, I really do not think I would play with this shader.

7. Chocapic13 v7 (weak)
Performance requirement: very low

If you’re playing on a low-end desktop or laptop, try this shader! It works much better than the other shaders on this list.

8. The conquest of the sun.
Performance requirement: high to medium

The color game of The Conquest of the Sun is intended to be played with the conquest textures package. It looks good with that, so if you like medieval buildings, try it! My images with this shader depended a lot on the environment I was in, but they were usually around 60 to 100 frames / second with the GTX 1070 and i5–6400.

9. Sushi Shader v2
Performance requirement: average

I had never heard of Sushi Shader before doing this comparison of nuances. It seemed interesting, so I decided to include it! Sushi Shader v2 has a dark blue hue or an increase in saturation, which is a bit too much for my taste. However, in the video of the first 10 shaders, many commentaries say that Sushi Shader v2 is the best of the video, so some people love it.

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