I’ve Changed My Mind; I Want to Buy Books
Nicole Dieker

I am just going to put in a plug here for the Kindle, because it has saved me SO. MUCH. MONEY. and made me read SO. MUCH. MORE.

I have been tracking every book I read in 2016, and so far I’m at 240ish. Not all of those books were on Kindle, but the vast majority were, and I did not pay for any of them. A few were free due to being out of copyright (so Nicole, you could get Anna Karenina without having to pay for it, thought it would be an old translation), but the rest were digital library downloads through one of the three library networks to which I belong. It does sometimes take a few weeks or months for a book to become available, but that’s only the super-popular ones. And if you join good library networks, they have tons of variety and often will have multiple copies available for digital checkout. (I recommend the BPL and Minuteman networks.) You can customize the loan term to 7 or 14 days, depending on how fast of a reader you are, and the books get auto-returned which means no fees!

I was super reluctant to get a Kindle, but it has definitely made me read way more than I did before it, and turned me back into the person who pulls out a book instead of a phone when I have a free moment.

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