Think Global, Think Hong Kong! Think Longenesis!

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Longenesis was thrilled to be selected out of 600+ companies to attend the “Think Global, Think Hong Kong” conference as a member of the Hong Kong’s Trade Development Council and Hong Kong’s Science Park delegation. “Think Global, Think Hong Kong”, held in Tokyo, November 1st, one of the major event organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council to give startups and companies explore potential business opportunities with other global partners and raise attention to the Asian (mainly Hong Kong and Japan) business community.

Organizers invited speakers from government and industry sectors and corporations, and that’s the perfect “soup” to be in as a startup or entrepreneur. Hong Kong Science Park held two plenary sessions at “Think Global, Think Hong Kong” in order to Smart City A-B-C-D (AI-Blockchain-Cloud-Data) and Healthy Ageing projects, which should unite Hong Kong and Japan entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions. 
And I want to congratulate my colleague Daniels (Head of Business Development, Longenesis) to represent Longenesis at this rock event.

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Thanks to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Hong Kong Science Park for the given opportunity to share Longenesis’ vision of the trustable and secure data exchange ecosystem, and help in our efforts in to build new data economics!

Longenesis prepare for a new breakthrough!