5 reasons why having intense emotions is both a blessing and a curse

I don´t really think I’m the only one with this issue, feeling everything so intensely can be both a blessing and a curse.

The problem with this kind of personality is that we really do live every emotion intensely and the feeling probably lasts a long time. When we like someone we will probably like that person for a very long time, when we make a good friend we are going to stay true to that friend forever, when we want something we look at every possibility to get it and when we hate someone, well… they’re going to stay on our black list for a long time as well. These are five reasons why I think having intense emotions is both a blessing and a curse;

1. It’s hard finding friends and it’s even harder to lose them

Having such intense emotions is a blessing in friendships and relationships because this type of people really commit, if you feel affection for someone you know that love is strong, faithful and true; we’re not really great at letting people go, when we lose one of the people in our closest circle it’s like losing a piece of our heart (as cheesy as it may seem).

When we find a good friend and he/she stays with us for a long time, that friend blends in and becomes part of us and that makes it even harder to let go of people we let in. Me, personally, I’m not a huge friend maker, I’m a very shy and odd person, I don’t really click with a lot of people so finding someone I can really be myself with is very hard, making it even harder to lose friends; I’ve lost a few friends in the past because of long distance, bad communication and other reasons but I remember and cherish each and every one of them dearly, it doesn’t matter that we lost that connection, every person that crosses my path and left a mark is special to me even after time has driven us apart.

2. We stay true to our significant others, even if they don’t reciprocate

I think being faithful is one of the most valuable things a person can be, people that feel everything intensely are those kind of people that are always faithful, we’re good friends and we also make good couples because we commit to each and every one of the people we consider important.

However, this can also be a curse, not everyone commits the way we do and sometimes those feelings are not mutual. For some people it’s easy to just cut others out of their lives, but for people like me that is really hard and a lot of people use that as a way to manipulate us (I’m not saying everyone does, but some people do), since we’re so faithful we usually are willing to do anything that could help someone we love, even if that means forgetting about ourselves for a while. It’s a problem because if we find ourselves in a toxic relationship we usually give more than we receive, at my 23 years of age, I can honestly say I’ve only really loved about three people because when I start liking someone I continue to like them for a veeeeery long time.

3. It’s hard to let go and that is not healthy

I think that not letting go of things is unhealthy sometimes, like I mentioned earlier, sometimes toxic people are just hurting us more than adding something good to our lives and our emotions. Letting people go when they’ve been hurting us all along is just necessary for our hearts and or wellbeing; I can let people go but that means having to go through a lot of pain and sadness; you hurt more by holding on than letting go.

4. Every emotion feels like a rock just hit your head.

Even the “good ones” hit us like a truck, I think there are no good or bad emotions, I feel like every emotion is important in a certain way, however, people that have intense emotions like me usually go overboard with feelings and I think that everything in excess is bad. I usually don’t get angry, but when I do I feel like my head is going to explode; sadness is just the same, except we feel weak, like we have no energy to do anything, talk to or see anyone. Anxiety is another huge problem, sometimes it prevents us from doing stuff we really want to do and happiness feels just like the character “Joy” from inside out sometimes hiding other feelings behind it; so I think it’s important to live and embrace every single emotion, but always keeping in mind the fact that being overcome with any of them is not a healthy.

5. We think about others well-being but rarely about ourselves.

So, emotions are important and we need to embrace and understand each and every one of them, I understand those of you that feel like me, if you’ve identified with any of these I get you. Having intense emotions is good when it comes to being a good friend and a faithful and loving partner, but we forget to think about ourselves, we’re so worried about the people around us that we sometimes forget about us and that prevents us from deeply living and understanding our emotions, we sometimes just ignore them, not even stopping to think about what is really bothering us and work on fixing it.

So guys, if you have intense emotions like I do, just remember to think about yourself, think about the relationships you’re holding on to and how they are really making you feel, if you have been holding on to a toxic relationship think about what it’s really adding to your life and if that person is giving you as much as you are. Don’t waste yourself on those who don’t matter, live fully and embrace every single one of those intense emotions because you’re the most important person in your life. I’ll share with you something my father always tells me “Don’t put your happiness on things or people, because nothing lasts forever”

But that’s just my humble opinion, you’ll read me later.

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