Get up

You sitting there…

Get up.

Get up because life is short.

Run because eventually you’ll start to fly.

Shout and say what you need to say, let all of the things inside your mind go; life is too short to keep quiet and worry about what others may think.

Tel him/her you love her/him because we don’t live long enough to pretend we’re cold and indifferent towards everything and everyone.

You don’t know how long he/she will be with you in this life, tomorrow doesn’t exist and that person could not be there in the morning.

Tomorrow you could lose everything you have now and take for granted, appreciate what you have.

Tomorrow that pet you’re used to seeing every day could be gone; life is too short to leave things for “tomorrow”.

Start that diet, exercise, love your body and embrace your imperfections because nobody’s perfect.

Watch that movie, buy that shirt, change jobs and eat that meal you love so much.

Invest your money on memories because that’s all we take with us in that box we end up in at the end of the road.

Travel, explore and face your fears because happiness, adrenaline and success are sometimes on the other side of fear.

Dare to step out of your comfort zone.

Laugh much, dance and sing without thinking about who’s watching you.

Get up.

Life is too short to live like you’re already dead.