My Angel

Have I told you about my angel?

If I haven’t, I’ll tell you about her right now.

I’ve got my own angel, she lives with me in my house, she has human form and she´s unlike any other. In my faith I believe that there´s lots of angels out in the world, most of them human, but I think I’ve got the best of them all. This angel runs around all day, she’s always busy helping others on her church and organizing huge events for the school, she likes to sleep in whenever she can and she makes delicious meals; even though she graduated from her bachelor’s degree with high honors, my angel decided to work as a full time mother to give us extra attention and love during our childhood. Since I was little my angel has taken care of me, she picks me up when I fall and cleans the scrapes, she spends long sleepless nights by my side when I´m sick and is the one person that makes me feel better just by hugging me after a long and hard day.

She’s taught me how to be a strong and brave woman, to be the best version of myself and she´s made me the person I am today; she´s seen me at my worst and is still proud of me. She´s the one that has held my family above water when worst storm rages on and she has always proved that no matter how hard life is you always have to smile, trust God and be positive. When I look into my angel’s eyes I can see a lot of wisdom, love, humbleness, strength and warmth, she´s shown me God’s love in every word and every kiss. Sometimes I doubt that she’s even human.

In this world there´s so much hate, treason, deception and unhappiness, however, my angel restores my faith in humanity just because she exists and I’m sure there’s a lot of other people like her out there. On the worst times of my life, when I´ve felt the heavy weight of the world on my shoulders, when I feel like all hope is lost and that there’s no one who understands, she holds me up and helps me carry the heavy weight and with her love and affection she convinces me that there´s still hope. My best friend and role model; the angel I have the blessing to call mother.

I love you mommy.

Happy Mother´s Day to all angels out there!

You’ll read me later.