Difference Between Diesel Generator And Gasoline Generator

Don’t know the difference between diesel generator and gasoline generator? Don’t worry, this article will tell you in detail.

Before purchasing generator, people often ask what’s the difference between diesel generator and gasoline generator? As a professional manufacture, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd will tell you the difference between two of them.

1. In-cylinder pressure object is different:

The gasoline generator compresses the gasoline and air mixture during the compression stroke stage;

The diesel generator compresses the air at the compression stroke stage.

2. Ignition is different:

The gasoline generator relies on spark plugs;

The diesel generator relies on atomized diesel to spray high pressure gas spontaneous combustion.

3. The mixture of fuel and air is different

In the gasoline engine, fuel and air are combined in the carburetor and intake ducts;

In the diesel engine, the mixing of diesel and air is carried out after the diesel is injected into the cylinder.

4. Use range is different

Gasoline generators are generally used for home use;

Diesel generators use a wide range, such as various types of construction units, all kinds of large buildings, field operations and so on.

5. Sound and volume are different

Overall, the gasoline generator’s sound and volume are smaller than diesel generators.

6. Ignition and fuel systems are different

Diesel generator is a compression ignition internal combustion engine, which uses a fuel injection pump and a number of fuel injectors;

And the gasoline generator has a carburetor, a dispenser, and a number of spark plugs.