Wedding Pearls for a Second Wedding

A second marriage is a second chance for joy and loves that endures. Whether the first marriage ended with an amiable parting, an explosive break or a tragic death, the slate is wiped clean when you walk down the aisle a second time. Some brides worry about how large or small, how lavish or low key a second wedding should be. Is it okay to wear white? Should it be a more basic dress? Are wedding pearls appropriate? Other brides had a very simple and casual first wedding and feel like they are now older, wiser and better able to enjoy and manage a big, beautiful wedding with their new partner.

Whether yours is a first or second or subsequent wedding, it is the same at heart. It is a chance to start over, to try again, to hope and work for a splendid future together. And there is no reason at all not to follow your own heart about the scale and details of your celebration from your wedding pearls to your reception menu. In fact, let’s stop calling it a ‘second wedding’ because it is something brand new — a new love, a new start. Every wedding is beautiful celebration that the bride and groom and their loved ones celebrate wholeheartedly.

Whether a bride wants to don a fantastic white wedding gown and an indulgent set of wedding pearls or a more casual frock with a simple pearl choker is entirely up to her. Brides might want to avoid wearing anything they wore for a previous trip down the aisle, but there is no better reason to buy new pearl jewellery than a wedding! Reputable online pearl jewellery stores such as Jacqueline Shaw offer a lovely range of wedding pearls in different styles to suit every bride.

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